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El Samaka for Electrical Cables

El Samaka for Electrical Cables a company specializing in the manufacture of wires, cables and electric pipes

Our company is characterized by precision performance and the speed of achievement in providing better Wiring systems, cables and electric pipes and implementing the visions of our customers

Our company also has the potential to succeed from the factory working with the latest technology by engineers and technicians at the highest levels of efficiency

Our company also possesses the ingredients of its success from a factory that works with the latest technologies by engineers and technicians at the highest level of efficiency.

Chairman’s Message

Dear Customers: With the help of God Almighty, Al Samaka Electric Wire Company has managed to maintain its position in the forefront of advanced and advanced industrial companies by maintaining the quality of its products and its commitment to provide the best materials from wires, cables and electric pipes to its customers. The company continued its positive results in terms of production processes Quality and marketing within the Egyptian market because of its team of integrated administrative and technical skills of highly experienced, providing the best services and technical advice and technical support through the provision of a set of wires and cables And electrical pipes conforming to the highest standards of quality and international standards.

I also extend my sincere gratitude to all our valued customers for their support and confidence and to continue to work towards achieving our future goals for further success.

In conclusion, I am pleased to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to the members of the Board of Directors, the General Manager and all the employees of the company in various disciplines, wishing them continued success and progress.

Chairman of the Board
Hany El Deeb

The organizational structure of the company

The company’s performance is based on a strong organizational structure, a highly skilled staff, and a dedicated management team serving the company and its clients.

The satisfaction of our customers is one of the most important priorities of the company and is achieved by continuous improvement of the various training methods, whether technical or practical, taking into account all the international standards of occupational safety and health and the methods of quality used globally.

The company is based on dedication, experience, professionalism and commitment. Its performance is based mainly on the principles of consensus, clarity and consistency of the desired goals. It works to convey the principles of leadership itself. For new generations of newly recruited employees of the company and is always striving to innovate and develop its capabilities to meet the new challenges and to stay in the lead, overcoming all difficulties and relying on the strength of the team.

Building a team is the core task of the company as it seeks to develop all human resources internally, and enhance their leadership and skills

Why El Samaka for Electrical Cables?

• It has long experience in manufacturing wire, cable and electric pipe
• A team with extensive experience in manufacturing wires, cables and electric tubes
• Provide the best solutions using the latest manufacturing machines and provide all high quality materials
• Ability to manufacture various kinds of wires and cables according to the nature of each market and different customer requirements
• Offering high quality products in terms of raw materials, unique designs as well as attention to product details
• Works on contracts described and binding to both parties.
• Operates according to customers’ requirements and exceeds customer expectations in terms of quality and cost.
• Commitment to the time period of contracts within the agreed timeframe, as well as dealing with customers with a combination of the Secretariat and that the client has the right to intervene, modify and monetize. Their engineers are planning to use project management systems to ensure the highest quality and delivery over a period of time For the agreed time period.
• Works to study the market and understand customer requirements through direct contact with them